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How to manage moistured houses, wet cellars & soaked walls, rising damp & dampness

Konrad Fischer, Architect:

Rising dampness - everywhere well known or a hoax and fake? What is true?

The Fraud of the Rising Damp - Part One

And yes, I know that I won't manage to convince any Rising-Damp-Believer!

Enriched German Version "Der Betrug mit Aufsteigender Feuchte", often updatetd

Each house somewhere has a damp, salty and mould-filled wall, or what? Have a look!:


(all pictures from my building consultation)

Consequently a huge quantity of diagnose experts, chartered building surveyors, manufacturers of chemical soup and perpetuum mobile, craftsmen and wizards of “drying out and damp-proofing wet and damp walls” are specialized on the wall dampness market (Look here for one of billion's ridiculous examples worldwide: "Treatment of Salt Attack and Rising Dampness on Heritage Buildings in Malaysia - By Associate Professor Dr. A Ghafar Ahmad and Haris Fadzillah Abdul Rahman. The research was fully financed by Universiti Sains Malaysia's Short-term Research Grant.") And do you know that Mike Parrett of Lewisham Council in London has investigated over 5000 buildings and has never found a sign of rising damp? But not each owner of the moistured houses nor each owner of grants and funds is a clever guy. And so the foolish owner will get the most crazy and most expensive bogus 'solution' for his problems, which have nothing to do with rising dampness, despite it seems to him otherwise. Or is explained him as such from the members of "The major damp treatment authorities within the U.K.: The British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association (BWPDA) and The Property Care Association (as is written in en.wikipedia) or other poison-spreading-experts and chemical-soup-lovers. And all too often the fraud is based on electrical moisture meters / damp meter / protimeters, calibrated for timber, not masonry or showing only the presence of fluid water and salt ions, in the hand of the charlatanes. These meters do not measure pure moisture, they show electrical conductance depending on the ion transports in the wet / moistured material! Moist meter scam is the profession of most firms and experts roundabout the moistured salty wall.

Building Rehabilitation, Conservation, Preservation, Repair, Maintenance, Restoration, Renovation for Public and Private Use
Here you'll find better solutions for your damp wall, but I recommend to read the following first, to understand the recommended proven treatments for desalination and dehumidification / drying out the wet walls a little better ...

Rising damp / Rising Dampness?
Salty foundation wall of a brick house
No ascending dampness by capillarity, but consequence of current splash-water, water sucking cement joints and earlier animal husbandry (follows mineral saltpeter (sodium nitrate))
Suggestion of the diagnosing craftsman: Borehole injection with salt-splitting off poisoned chemicals!

Rising? dampness in the salty wall moistured up brick-work
From my building consultation (photo owner): Salty wall, wrongly plastered - the result:
Plastered with cement mortars the bricks are blown off by salt crystallization, damp rope and frost.

Dampness in a moistured wall / masonry work / brick work filled up with salt
Similar case from building consultation (photo owner):
Dampness-blocking cement plaster damages the salt-overloaded wall parts at most.

Here another case from my building consultation:
... Cordial congratulation to your homepage ...I have discovered too late, unfortunately. The disaster already happened. ... I spent my money on a chemical horizontal barrier and now due to continuously burning eyes I can't use my house any more ... There is the following situation: 4 weeks ago in the cellar of my family house in France a horizontal barrier was made by means of the product XY of XYZ.

The cellar is built from stones, which can take up the humidity ideally, therefore black damp in parts marks the wet walls in the cellar. On the cellar is built a house in wood beam construction. I wanted to protect the wood structure against the ascending moisture, therefore the application of this product seemed to me ideally. The representative of the implementing company also made me anxious and predicts rotten wood by dampness.

Now, since that product is in the wall (4 weeks) I suffer with an eye irritation as soon as I am in the house. From 6 persons of my family were affected first 3. From 2 persons the complaints faded away after 3 days.

Do you mean that there is rest an acceptable rescue solution of my problem e.g. by sealing the walls etc.? I will probably not get out the product out of the wall.

Yours sincerely

I used Google and found this:
Excerpts of the products data sheet:

'Use of substance / preparation: Industrial.
Modifying agent for: Building materials.
Hazardous ingredients:
Material and R-Phrases
Trimethoxy (2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)silane R10-52/53
Polydimethylsiloxane,(((3-((2-aminoethyl)amino)propyl)silylidyne)tris(oxy))tris-,methoxy-terminated Xi R38-41
Tetraethyl silicate Xn R10-20-36/37
Acetic acid C R10-35
Methanol F, T R11-23/24/25-39/23/24/25
R-Phrase Description R10 R52/53 Flammable. Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
R38 R41 Irritating to skin. Risk of serious damage to eyes.
R10 R20 R36/37 Flammable. Harmful by inhalation. Irritating to eyes and respiratory system.
R10 R35 Flammable. Causes severe burns.
R11R23/24/25 R39/23/24/25 Highly flammable. Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
Toxic: danger of very serious irreversible effects by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.

Conditions to avoid: moisture
Reacts with: water , basic substances and acids. Reaction causes the formation of: methanol.
Hazardous decomposition products:
Under the effect of humidity, water and protic agents: methanol, ethanol. The following applies for the silicone content of the substance: Measurements have shown the formation of small amounts of formaldehyde at temperatures above about 150 °C (302 °F) by oxidation.'

My comment for you: Great! Building protection is called here probably damaging with poisoned chemical weapons, normally used against iraquish kids and grannies? The best: 'Avoid moisture' - walls to be injected with this must be totally dry - what is totally correct, because it is not possible at all to inject fluids in soaked building materials under the practically given means and conditions! And people shall never enter the injected house.

Typical ascending dampness according the experts. Here much should be bored and injected. The mysteries solution was not on the hand, but on the other side:
The rain discharge and the splash-water of the garden wall watered the building, whole the years rain avoided to come in the ground drainage system.
Also elsewhere one may observe that: And this around the corner:
In addition: The good housewife fertilizing and watering the garden, under it the cellar will be transformed in a nitrophoska salt mine - Thank you, Mr Justus Liebig!:

And in former times here lived the pigs and goats.

The cold and salty wall of the former stable may be refreshed by warm-damp air in hot summertime.

Rising damp near the floor?

Not ascending dampness, not from the outside oppressive dampness - it is explosive ettringite as swelling salt reaction product of cementicious mortars with gypsum - sulfate salts in the wall! Mortar of gypsum is used to fix the metal profiles to even the level of the tile underground - very good expert know-how!!

A soggy cellar after best design of 1939. The best bituminous and water repellent damp-proof course in Third-Reich-Quality can do nothing against salts from in- and outside the walls.

Even not here.

Read more here: Rising Damp Enlightement Part Two

Topics: masonry restoration, preservation and conservation of historical monuments. Repair, preservation. restoring, refurbish, rehabilitate and renovation of apartment house, castle, farmhouse, manor house, villa and tenant house, city hall, water-mill, palace, chapel, church, cloister or monastery and abbey or summer residence.Mold attack and alga attack, wood worm, wood borer, pine weevil, boring beetles, elaters and longicorn beetle, larva, clearwing moths, goat moths, wood protection agains insects and dry rot, brown cellar sponge, white pore sponge etc.

How to manage moistured houses, wet cellars & soaked walls, rising damp & dampness

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