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Konrad Fischer: Altbauten kostengünstig sanieren
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Mold attack - What to do? A Guide +++ Rising Damp - A Fake?
Heating Costs Saving and Health Protection by the Interior Room Surface Heating System +++ Low-cost Repair, Renovation + Refurbishing of your old House
Traditional Craftmanship in Modern Mortars – Does it work in practice? (in english)

Special: Felix Lindner - The American high school system: facts and evaluation
Altbauten kostengünstig sanieren: Heiße Tipps gegen Sanierpfusch im bestimmt frechsten Baubuch aller Zeiten (PDF eBook + Druckversion)

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The Author in a television discussion: Collapsing Roofs and Halls. The author in a discussion on the television: Collapses of the roofs - VIDEO-CLIP.WMV 3MB - A Scandalous Chronicle of Damaged Roofs (German) +++ An Ironical Criticism of the Ecological Building (German) +++ An Ironical Criticism of Energy Saving in the Old Building (German) +++ An Ironical Criticism of Repairing the Ancient House (German)

The ape Building facts you've never heard about: Did your audacious restoration, renovation, refurbishing, reconstruction, remodeling, improvement, rehabilitation or modernization of your historic building change to a disaster? Have you lost all your money and hope?

Death skeleton Did you insulate your old house, your ancient hut or the new ecological barrack completely by thermal insulation and did you lock it hermetically and airtight? Does the mold fungus / mildew grow at the walls and in the roof? Is your private gas chamber poisoned with insecticide, fungicide, algicide, pesticide, synthetic softener, solvent and fire protection? From the ceiling the water drips and the dry rot grows? Suffer your children of skin disease like dermatosis, seborrheic or atopic dermatitis, psoriasis with blisters, edema, formation of a crust, moist discharge, crusting, scaly papules and plaques, itching, allergy and eczema from the front to the back, from the top to the bottom? Do all have asthma and cough? Are your tearing eyes and thumbs completely blue now?

Had you always found the perfect experts, chartered surveyors, builders, firms, craftsmen, restorers, architects and engineers in your neighbourhood and fabulous consultants in the InterNet Forums? Could you take advantage of the best and cheapest offers of the market to refurbish your worthful and very ancient gem made from wood, stone and mortar with the super modern building materials which can be used so quick as a tempest storm and must not fit to any physical behavior and stylish outfit of your old fashioned construction?

Did your splendid architect get your money for the planning which his industrial friends and producers of building materials gave to him? Free for him but too expensive for you. And so comes up a 'solution' which is neither cheap nor fitting to your low budget? This isn't rare at the rescue of the cultural heritage. However, you don't know it. And have you realised the most expensive perfect nonsense in your house now? I congratulate! But: Perhaps your work may succeed still better, healthier and even many more cheaply? Do you know how?

Building Rehabilitation, Conservation, Preservation, Repair, Maintenance, Restoration, Renovation for Public and Private Use

You are welcome cordially and thank you very much for your visit. This web site waited for a long time just for you. Perhaps it is not too late for you and your historic house? Here you will find free, independent, critical and controversial information for many questions and problems regarding your house. Topics: The repair of old buildings by low price, the restoration of historic monuments and the preservation of valuable works of art, energy efficiency with respect of building construction and heating methods. The information is mostly in German language. Some pages are in other languages (English, Russian, Italian, Danish, Swedish ...) and now first time in your language. Thanks to machine translators ;-) Please: If there are misspellings and grammatical faults in the text, send me the improvement. That will help all visitors. Thank you!

Famous and recommended home repair and advice books from one of the best British authors and the UK's top (and only?) building expert, my dear colleague: Jeff Howell, webmaster of AskJeff.co.uk:

But why this text in your language now? Because also in your country old houses, buildings and historic monuments with their external and internal parts form the foundation to the roof, from the fresco to the furniture must be restored. Many technical and economical problems and other questions we have in common. The errors too. With the same disasters for the historic buildings, the ancient monuments, old houses, medieval castles and renaissance or baroque palaces, for the mansions and city halls, for the churches, monasteries and abbeys, for antique temples, synagogues and mosques, for the winery and brewery, for the villas of the merchants and the mansions of the citizens and craftsmen, for the farmhouses and the huts of the poor people, and for the stables of the horses and cows. Is it magic, ritual and witchcraft in old houses, which blames all your desperate efforts to get them in better shape? Other crafts? The international building industry and your experts don't sleep. This will also cost your money. Do you want to see examples? Click the pictures for further information:

The natural stone is damaged some years after chemical strengthening (1) + Broken stone mason work by chemistry restoration(2) + Potassium silicate paint with water glass priming damages old plaster(3) + Whole front damaged - by modern painting of silicate(4) + Formation of toxic black mould in the bathroom - by airtight isolating windows(5) + Brick-work in the water - dampness does not ascend!(6a) + Flourishing of salts after borehole injection with chemical means(6b) + Algae are growing on the surface of External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) EIFS Exterior Insulation Finishing System(7)+ Damaged thermal insulation(8)+ Soaked thermal insulation outside - inside mould!(9) + Fire catastrophe by inflammable thermal insulation (polystyrene)(10) + Cement mortar and brick - a pre-programmed damage(11) + Cement mortars and natural stone - always a damage(12) + Salty flourishing out of cement mortar - a typical damage(13) + Synthetic resin paint on natural stone and plaster - damaged soon(14) + Synthetic varnish on wood - soon damaged(15)+ Synthetic resin coating on weathered wooden fence - cracked very fast(16)+ Joint sealing / insealation with Polyurethane-PUR-Foam - Very nice?(17)

Explanation of the pictures: (1), (2), (3), (4): Destroyed surfaces and crusts as typical result of potassium silicate strengthening and potassium silicate coating; (5) Toxic black mold fungus in the bathroom as common result of refurbishing by modern theory and technical means. Think about pollution & air quality - Indoor air!; (6a) No ascending or rising dampness in the brick-work in a bath tub! (6b) Salpetre salt flourishes on the wall after a horizontal sealing treatment with salty borehole injection; (7) Growth of algae on the surface of External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)/Exterior Insulating Finishing System (EIFS), from: B+B, Magazine for building maintenance and care of monuments, January 2002, photographer: University Wismar; (8) Soaked thermal insulation in the garden, from: "Building craft and reconstruction of buildings 2/01", photographer: H. Paetzold; (9) Wet thermal insulation / insealation outside and mold fungus / mildew inside; (10) Exploded and burned down thermal insulation, from: "Pictures of the damages up-to-date", Bavarian fire insurance Munich; (11) Cement mortar, brick-work and frost; (12) Cement and natural stone; (13) Lime from the mortar on the new front; (14) Synthetic resin coating on a historic front; (15) Synthetic resin coating on a window; (16) Synthetic resin paint on a fence; (17) Window and insealation technology today

Is this information controversial and unusual? However, the information corresponds to the old one Tradition and art of the skilled crafts. Many years experience at the restoration work are the basis: Historic monuments and ancient buildings from the farmhouse to castles, manor houses, mansions and ecclesiastical buildings like churches and monasteries. Also my father had been architect and did this conservation work since 1958 until his dead 1979, when I started. I could learn much from him. After my studies I had been a scientific volunteer in the office for care of monuments in Munich for two years.

The best specialists of the industry, the famous experts from the handicraft, the very trustworthy engineers, the always dark black dressed architects and also your so friendly friends nearby will have mostly another opinion. Perhaps they will give better advice. But you must decide by yourself whether my information for you is meaningful and useful. However, you also can follow your wise experts on the broad one Street of the success (only for the experts?).

Perhaps you can find no answer to your questions here. Alternative: You will find over 1500 pages to all these topics and more in German language: Restoration, preservation, conservation, technical and historical investigation and survey of buildings, building materials for old houses: Brick, lime, mortar, plaster, brick-work, half-timbered framework, concrete, painting from synthetic resin and potassium silicate, restoration and strengthening of sandy and corroded natural stones, problems with the restoration and renewal of the house and its parts from the foundation to the roof, economy and financing, deceit and corruption at the industry and the planning of houses and restorations. Last, but not least - an adventure: The climatic change - what's true? Here you can find the way in:

- You want to buy a German castle or palace? Do you want to know the selling price? Examples: Palace / Castle / Manor-house / Mansion for Sale.

- Ascending dampness, moistness and rising damp. Here you find, what can be made wrong against dampness, wetness and salpetre salts in the moistured masonry of walls and brick-work, in the cellar and in the foundation, at the front and in the layers of plaster. Ineffective, destructive and very expensive masonry drying methods and salpetre treatment like brutal horizontal isolation by chemical injection in drilled holes (borehole injection), drilled metal plates or foils after masonry sawing, hermetic mortars and paints with synthetic resins and very funny electronic dewatering / electrical damp-proofing by electro-osmosis. Methods, which do not work and make all worse: The largest business for the swindlers and damp proof companies not only in Germany. Also in English language: Rising damp does not exist

The ascending and rising damp in the brick-work and masonry does not exist! The House in the rising water - no ascending and rising dampness! Quai wall in the port - no capillary ascending and rising dampness! No capillary ascending and rising dampness in the brick-work and masonry - not in the laboratory, not at the building in the water, not at all at the brick-work in the harbour. But why? Because the capillary transport from the material with small pores (like brick and natural stone) into the material with large pores (mortars) is impossible! Enlighten yourself! And the capillary transport in the pores of the stones and the mortar joints will not defeat the gravity more than 10 to 20 cm. Only the water-waves and the salty water of the high tide make the walls wet! So it is in good old and modern Germany, should it be possible nevertheless in your so beautiful and mysterious country? Test it yourself in your bathroom, if you don't want to believe this! Don't believe in bad guys and silly theories. Don't believe me too! A colored silk tie neither and a silver shining big car nor a colored web page can improve bad advice! And what will you believe? Hoax and witch work? Enlightenment must be! But if you will do it yourself, you must buy construction material or masonry saw to pick out your experimental unit from a building wall. Then start and try and error!

There are many problems to solve in repairing and modernizing old buildings for new usage. The most money is lost not by bad work, but by bad planning. That's true and not a newly made knowledge. But to find the best way to repair and refurbish, to conservate and to restore and to rehabilitate, you must find out the building's substance, the building's structure and the reason of it's damages by researching and analyzing. Afterwards you have to find and proof the superior alternatives to give the building a new modern and fit for future function and a new (or antiqued?) shape if necessary. This all by economical invest and trustful technique, what means a neutral and independent planning too. What will naturally not exclude the need for best practise craftsman and suppliers in the later coming phase of working out and building all the good ideas after a fair participation in the awarding of contracts. A special challenge is to make an old building accessible for handicapped people. However, with the right partners including a lifts expert or maybe manufacturer and an experienced architect, it should be possible. But please remember the following: Not all modernizing, not all changing, not all destroying may be necessary, useful or allowed to a honest preservational purpose. You must alway consider what's worthful and what's needed and what's a really must be for the good old house. The abdication of exaggerated renewing is perhaps the most important feature of the true lover of historical buildings and best practise maintaining our national heritage.

- Mold fungus and black mildew - The result of the modern building methods by wrong thermal insulation, hermetic airtight rooms and heating of the room air. So your most important food is abused - the air to breathe. Also in English: How to get rid with mold attack - Mildew attack - What to do? A Guide.

Mildew / Mold fungus black mold mould

Climate Kamikaze: Mold attack
Götz Wiedenroth: Climate Kamikaze

- Climatic change / Climate change / Climate protection - Global warming and cooling:

1stClimatic change / Climate change / Climate protection - Global warming and cooling: scientific facts Climatic change: apocalyptic green Horror2nd
1st Scientific Facts from Germany (Hohenpeissenberg) and 2nd apocalyptic green horror and green climate alarmism from England (Hadley), eco-terrorism and industrial, scientific, media and political leaders as eco-terrorists. CO2-emission diminuishing as a new threatful weapon of the nuclear and carbon based energy/power gang against mankind worldwide. Learn more about hoax of the anthropogenic climate change doomsayers and wonder about the background and the thruth of climatic mitigation, climate protection, AGW conspiracy, climate adaptation, climate scepticism / skepticism, denial, sceptic / skeptic, climate contrarians, pessimists and optimists.

Watch the video: The Great Global Warming Swindle - 09.03.2007 Channel 4, GB - The ultimate answer to Al Gore and the other global liars

"Maurice Strong, Al Gore
Creators of carbon credit scheme cashing in on it
By Judi McLeod

There's an elephant in global warming's living room that few in the mainstream media want to talk about: the creators of the carbon credit scheme are the ones cashing in on it.

The two cherub like choirboys singing loudest in the Holier Than Thou Global Warming Cathedral are Maurice Strong and Al Gore.

This duo has done more than anyone else to advance the alarmism of man-made global warming.

With little media monitoring, both Strong and Gore are cashing in on the lucrative cottage industry known as man-made global warming.

Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as "the world's first and North America's only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil."

Gore buys his carbon off-sets from himself--the Generation Investment Management LLP, "an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C." of which he is both chairman and founding partner. ..." read more ...

- The fraud with the thermal insulation EIFS / ETICS / EWI /EWIS. - Wrong energy saving, terrorist ecological laws and corrupted governmental and building code regulations force you, to destroy your own house and your family's or tenant's health & life: With industrial and ecological materials for the wrong thermal insulation, working as insealation. Expensive packed air in foam and fibers, artificial and ceramic stones with pores, wool, cotton, hemp, cellulose, recycled newspapers, sea-grass... costs your money. However, these materials will certainly moisture up soon. Then follows the algae. The poisonous black mold fungus also. And the white mildew, the spiders, cockroach, carpeneter ants, bookworm / fishmoth / silver fish, gnawing beetles like death-watch beetles (Xestobium rufovillosum), furniture beetles (Anobium punctatum) and termites, the worms and the book louse (trogium pulsatorium), the mice, the rats, the weasel and the woodpecker. Maybe asthma, headache, dermatitis and cancer too.
Algae are growing on the surface of External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) EIFS EWIS External Wall Insulation System Algae on the surface of an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)/Exterior Insulation inishing System EIFS.

Be cautious against the dangerous technology of the passive house and thermal insulation! German junk science! There are also today in Germany cheats. The modern science can be very corrupt ...

EIFS Damages
The best & independent info source for history and damage of the EIFS-scam - EIFSFACTS.ORG!!!

Ed McClure & Beau Brincefield: Time bomb EIFS/EWIS/ETICS - Homeowners with EIFS report serious problems with moisture penetrating and accumulating behind the EIFS
EIFS/ETICS/EWIS damage syndrome - Moisture Accumulation In The Wall Cavity, Wood Damage by Dry Rot, Pest Infestation, Carpenter Ants, Termites, Mold growth
EIFS Scam / Hoax / Fraud Backgrounder - A Look at Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems - Termites, dry rot, mold & pest infestation
Douglas Pencille: EIFS/ETICS/EWIS - The Facts American Institute of Architects (AIA) found high moisture levels in 90% EIFS houses tested

EIFS/ETICS/EWIS-Damage Documentation in US
by Rob Santana
US-EIFS Scam and horrible Damages
by EIFS Blogspot

The R-value as thermal barrier without any good effects
This diagram points the consumption of energy to heating rooms with different constructions of their walls. The Rth-value (= k-value) without any sense as benchmark, gauge, norm, touchstone, scale or criterion for thermal barrier and effect I. Research from the Fraunhofer-Institut in the winter 1983. x-axis: k-value of the wall construction; y-axis: Consumed Watt of heat energy in the measured time. Purple and red: Thermal insulation with 23 and 10 cm polystyrene. Green: Only brick.

And here an excerpt of an expert opinion /report / statement done for the owner of a residential apartment in a skyscraper in Southern Germany (Translation by Google, still in improvement):

The swindle with thermal insulation and energy saving

An advisory opinion (excerpts)

Address Lawyer

Address Client, ./. condominium owners of residential apartments regarding the resolution contestation (Beschlussanfechtung)

Short statement to the planned facade repair

1. Client: …

2. Ground of the short statement

The statement is done as argumentation support for the resolution contestation against the planned facade repair in ... with an external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)/exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS).

3. Building specification

The messuage in ... is a multistoried building with eight floors and 32 living apartments, built in reinforced concrete skeleton construction. It was established approx. 1965.

4. Building construction front

The reinforced concrete construction is up from the 2nd floor coated with asbestos cement panels (Eternit sheets) on thermo-insulating magnesite-bound woodwool boards (Heraklith).

5. “Thermal insulation” of the fronts

5.1 Planned measures

According to planning of architect ... after strapping off the Heraklith panels the fronts will be coated with 14 cm thick expanded polystyrene boards (fabricate ... on base of Neopor®, with graphite added) on adhesive mortar, whereupon a synthetic resin plaster is coated, reinforced by embedded synthetic netas armouring against temperature stresses (temperature extension of polystyrene: 8 mm/m x 100 K, reinforced concrete and cemtent plaster: 1,2 (!) mm/m x 100 K). As surface layer of the so-called extern thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)/External Wall Insulation System (EWIS)/Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) thereby a coating equipped with pesticides (algicides, fungicides).

The original wooden windows shall be exchanged against airtight and extremely dense plastic framed insulating glass windows.

To what extent the substantial shape change would be acceptable by the planned coating measures with adequate appreciation of the aesthetical interests, is not subject to the evaluation of the signer.

5.2 Evaluation of the polystyrene coating in build-constructional regard

The extern thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) with imbedded graphite powder in order to reduce the penetration of radiant heat through the facade is a lightweight construction system with very small heat storage capacity. In contrast to a solid wall surface the radiation exchange of a lightweight construction with the cold night sky leads to a short time lose of the heat taken up during the day by diffuse and direct solar radiation. While solid surfaces even at longer frost periods very seldom drop under the outside temperature, on the very cooler surfaces of insulating layers condensation will wet up the surface nearly every night and will occasionally freeze and destroy the facade. You can proof this by yourself, only use a IR-Thermometer

Frozen and algae infestated thermal insulation-ETICS / External Wall Insulation System EWIS/ Exterior Insulatin Finishing System EIFS-coating Ice, frost and algae on extern thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) / External Wall Insulation System EWIS/ Exterior Insulatin Finishing System EIFS

Illustration: Frozen and algae infestated / affected ETICS/EWIS/EIFS coating

The temperature reduction of the surface under the temperature of cooling down night air favours the dampf condensing on and in the coating system. Air humidity penetrates behind the diffusion-open coating and condenses in the cooler internal area of the coating system.

A further humidification of the insulating material occurs in connection with the mentioned large temperature strain of the insulating material system. The substantial temperature strains of the system lead after some time despite the constructional counter measures (reinforcing) - according to experience - to cracks in the coating system. The cracks forming in the Coating work capillary-actively and aspirate rain water.

As the coating system does not permit considerable capillary drying process, a substantial risk of drenching and soaking of the system is connected by condensate admission and at longer term unalterable cracking at the surface.

In order to decrease the big risk of the fungi / mold and algae infestation, the synthetic and thus dry-blocking paint for the coating is equipped by added toxic algizides and fungicides (after manufacturer data: A compounded mixture from Carbendazim, Terbutryn and Octylisothiazolinon), which are out washable by spray irrigation after dismantling of the water-rejecting / hydrophobe substances first and so on longer sight their defense effect fades out.

The ETICS blocks substantial parts of the solar radiation into the solid construction behind. The graphite imbedding in the insulating material also increases the need of heat energy in the winter by decreasing the solar radiation into the front.

As result the whole facade system will suck up condensate and will be damped. This wetting effects are connected with more and more damage of the reinforced concrete by corrosion. As the ETICS/EWIS/EIFIS facade construction takes up less solar warmth, this cooling effect will lead to increased heating costs.

A gradual drenching of the entire facade system with the following mold fungus risk in the interiors probably is followed by the planned installation of the new air tight plastic windows.

Altogether in a long-term view the outside changes by coatings with insulants will cause unfavorable consequences not only for the facade system but also for the heating energy consumption and the healthy dwelling.

The inclination of dampness storage and formation of mould in insulating materials is shown also by old mineral wool insulations in roof structures. They show the black-grey discolorations typical for it which starts from the boundary region to the timber construction. Not only condensate from room air is stored, but also the self-dampness from the timber wood.

Mouldy mineral wool in an attic

Mouldy mineral wool in an attic

5.3 Evaluation of the polystyrene coating in energetic regard

5.3.1 Preface

After usual viewpoint a thermal insulation system shall lead to smaller heating costs. This contradicts however the following specified facts.

5.3.2 The Rth-value/heat conduction / thermal conductivity term as hyperbolic function

The Rth-value is a hyperbolic function and is calculated: Rth = 1:1/a i + 1/L + 1/a A (W/m ² K)

From it results:

Thickness of insulating material and the improvement of Rth-value in (W/m²K)

5 cm 0,8

10 cm 0.4 50%

20 cm 0.2 50%

A duplication of the expenditure halved therefore the effect, with rising insulating material thickness decreases the efficiency.

As diagram that shows up as follows, the indicated k-value is identical to the today valid Rth-value:

The hyperbolic function of the R<sub>th</sub>-value

The hyperbolic function of the Rth-value. The efficiency border is with approx. 6-8 cm thickness of insulating material (source: Professor Dr.-Ing. Claus Meier, Richtig Bauen, 4. Edition, expert verlag 2007).

As consequence higher thicknesses of insulating material cannot be realized as in the given case with 14 cm under economic criteria.

5.3.3 Relevance of the heat conduction /thermal conductivity

A substantial result of a critical view on insulating projects in the reality is that the typical insulating materials without heat storing capacity in opposite to the solid construction materials have not a remarkable insulating effect at the front. They shadow the solid wall behind and thus diminish the storing of sun energy by solar radiation.

This corresponds also with the results of measurement the Fraunhofer institute to comparative constructions of different k and/or Rth-values of the external walls (data source: Fraunhofer Institut for building physics, 1983).

The area with allegedly bad k-/Rth-value needs the smallest heating energy for the same ambient temperature according to the result of measurement:

Energy consumption in areas with differently insulated walls ETICS/EWIS/EIFS

The fact that the real thermal behavior of materials does not agree the calculation formulas on basis of the Rth-values, under the conditions of practice with, could be approved by a newer investigation of the federal research institute for agriculture FAL, institut for operating technology and building research under Professor Dr.-Ing. Franz Josef Bockisch over an entire yearly duration at an experimental construction.

Here a result of the measurement in August:

Temperature development at front material in reality and theoretically according to DIN

Red (line curve) the measured values, blue (broken) the standard arithmetic procedures (source: FAL, Dipl.-Ing. Karl William Haake)

The undercooling of the outside inner wall in relation to the external layers and condensation susceptibility by dampness admission from outside air is clearly shown here.

Likewise as result of the FAL research here an excerpt from the February curve with representation of the measured temperature gradients at the different front directions.

The substantial temperatures at the front surfaces (bricks) prevent by heat storing effects the cooling and condensing under the night air temperature (blue: air temperature in accordance withGerman weather service station on testing grounds) and thus the condensate admission :

Temperature development at front material and theoretically according to DIN

The futile insulating attempts at large buildings are shown by Professor Jens Fehrenberg, University Hildesheim, by comparing the energy consumption of neighbouring apartments with approx. 25 dwellings before and after insulating over many years.

In addition the external wall is involved only with 10 to 20% in the loss of energy of buildings, so that improvements made here can have only marginal effect on total energy consumption.

See for this the contribution of Professor Fehrenberg in: Deutsches Nationalkomitte Denkmalschutz (German national committee for monument protection) DNfD (Hrsg.): “Energieeinsparung bei Baudenkmälern (Energy saving at architectural monuments)”, documentation of the conference of the DNfD from 19.3.02 in Bonn, volume 67.

The first diagram which is based on it shows the heating costs of the three blocks of flats at Tollenbrink in Hanover, determined by Professor Fehrenberg.

Energy costs in comparison insulated and not insulated fronts of same buildings

The actual heating costs of the house 6 before and after insulation by an ETICS remain in the same range as the not insulated apartment houses No. 2a and 4:

With the following diagram Professor Fehrenberg shows the influence of the energy consumption at three large's buildings in Hanover only by the average temperature of the heating season. The accomplished thermal insulating measures with ETICS (entry “San.”) have therefore no remarkable influence on heating consumption:

Energy costs by comparison insulated and not insulated fronts of same buildings

Also the investigations of the civil engineers Wichmann/Varsek at the Justus-Knecht-Gymnasium in Bruchsal prove the real conditions of heat consumption of a solid brick masonry wall in winter (February). Therefore temperatures up to 30 °C result in the case of an outside temperature of approx. 8 °C by consumpted solar radiation on the solid surface. By the nocturnal heat emission the temperature of the solid wall drops again, remains however always substantially over the outside temperature and remains condensate-free thereby.

The following illustration shows the result of measurement:

Material temperature development at front in the winter

Source of picture: Rationeller Bauen, February 1983

5.3.4 Economy of an auxiliary insulation of the front

The last yearly consumption of the heating serves as basis of an economic evaluation of the planned energy saving measures by window exchange and auxiliary thermal insulation. Thus the future heating energy consumption of the building and the saving potential as return of investment (ROI) for the building costs can be estimated.

The average annual consumption (2003, 2005, 2006) of 14,03 litres oil/square meter and a fuel oil price of 0,4 EUR/liter will cause yearly costs of 16.524,22 EUR. Assumed a saving of (unrealistic) 40 per cent by the planned energy saving measures, this results in an annual saving of 6.609,69 EUR.

Thus the costs for energy saving measures are limited to maximally 79.316,26 EUR in the case of a usual MNV (Mehrkosten-Nutzen-Verältnis, extra costs/effects relation) of 12. The planned energy saving measures with total costs from far over 400.000 EUR are thereby extremely wasting invest capital.

Also if KfW credits / loans / subsidies for the front repair and the energy saving measures are given and the results for the total costs and energy savings are calculated correctly the whole calculation will never end in an economic solution.

Result: After the vouchers specified here it gives as well as no energy saving by Rth-optimized insulating coatings on solid fronts. Regarding the cost situation the planned energy savings investments will not give a good return and will never be profitable.

6. Fire protection

Despite the insulating materials coming to use are equipped by toxic flame retardants and of low flammability, with reaching of the ignition temperature by external influences they heavily increase the fire risk. An example of an explosive ETICS fire out “Schadensbilde Aktuell / fire damages up-to-date” of the Bavarian Fire insurance chamber may clarify that, also in Berlin in the meantime such cases of fire damage become known:

Explosive flame resistant / retardant heat insulation front/ETICS/polystyrene front in fire

8. Further references

The references and evaluations given here are based on my practical project experiences in the building renovation since 1979 as well as on consulting of relevant project and research documentations.

The references follow the proven methods and not necessarily the industriallaterally affected and not always DIN standards and other alleged rules of the technology applicable for the building renovation.

To the group of topics altogether I recommend supplementing my info pages on www.konrad-fischer-info.de/213baust.htm, ... /7fehrtab.htm, and .../7waefe.htm, in each case with following pages.

Dipl.-Ing. Konrad Fischer, Architect BYAK

responsible Expert in accordance with ZVEnEV/AVEn

The Thermography-Hoax

Thermography - a hoax
Original text under the picture: "A thermal imaging of the front proves large losses of the heat. Measurement at temperature outside 10oC, still wind and unknown temperature in the room. A cause for the visible loss of the heat is that the window is implemented in solid masonry." From the Danish newspaper Byg Tek (Building Technology) 25.10.04 of journalist Michael Rughede.

However, that's only advertisement of the international chemical industry and the manufacturers of non energy conserving but wasting insulating material for dummies. What you must konw: The producers 'can' be connected financially and by splendid gifts with 'some' engineers, architects, craftsmen, scientists, officials of the state, politicians and media. They all want to sell airtight houses and maximum thermal insulation to you to fill their purse with good percentages.

The picture shows only the radiation of the heat from the surface of the solid wall at 12 o'clock. The warmth comes here only from the sun. In the south the wall radiates much and red, in the west radiates the wall only little and blue - green cold.

The hoax of IR scanning by infrared thermography from house inspectors to detect heat losses and heating leaking
Another crazy infrared scanning: Insulated wall blue (could not store the solar energy!), the wooden shutters before (!) are radiating heat instead - like the solid walls of the not insulated parts of the front (Image source: Insulation prop at "www.pr-nord.de/stoo_text155.html" - Notice: The profs use anglizationed terms to fake the huge mass of stupid Germans).

The infrared scanning to detect heating losses from houses and heat leaking is another bad hoax of the so called well, no, better super best reputated 'House Inspectors'. Naturally this famous and totally serious guys are creeping around your house just in the early morning, taking their scans when sundown has happened. Then the thermal insulation has cooled off quickly and the bricks and other solid materials will still radiate the huge amount of solar energy they stored during daylight the whole night. A silly fake and best junk science just for you and your purse. Throw away your money with such jokes, it's yours, not mine. Enlightenment!!! More enlightenment! It's really necessary to conserve real energy ...

- The Room Envelope Heating System - Properly or Risky Heating (in english) - Heated air or warm walls?
Convection heating by hot air - convector The usual convector heater: Hot air heats. Head hot - feet cold.
A dusty typhoon in the room or zero wind? Predominantly heat distribution by desert storm air? Convective heat transfer or radiated heat? Much or little consumption of energy? Asthmatic children, flu in each winter by wrong heating? Condensate and mold fungus at the cold walls - or gentle heat radiation from the surfaces of the room? The energy saving heating with thermal radiation needs little technology. Always dry constructions and houses, healthy, cool and pure room air are the result.
Heat radiation heats - infrared thermal radiation Radiant warmth is heating by infrared thermal radiation.
The room air is a little bit cooler than the surface of the room. No airtight hermetic isolation of the rooms, no senseless thermal insulation from expensively packed air in soaked building materials, no condensate into cold surfaces. Much information about the disadvantages of many kilometers of heating pipes in the floor and behind the plaster in the walls, the problems of baseboard heating, also about the better alternatives. Here one of many examples of the cheap and well preserving heating with radiant heat: Thermal radiation heating in the palace Veitshoechheim Palace with thermal radiation heating (english version)

- Poisoned wood protection and innocuous natural wood preservation against destructive mushrooms / fungi, dry rot (Meruliporia incrassata; Merulius domesticus Falck; Serpula lacrymans; house eating fungus) and insects (wood worm, termites, gnawing beetle like House Longhorn Beetle / Old house borer beetle (Hylotropes/Hylotrupes bajulus), Deathwatch beetle (Xestobium rufuvillosum), Furniture Beetle (Annobium punctatum) & Wharf borer, Weevils (wood boring weevil, Euophryum cofine), Powder Post Beetle (Lyctus brunneus), Millipedes (Diplopoda), Powder-post Beetles (Lyctidae), False Powder-post Beetles (Bostrichidae), Flathead Borers (Buprestidae) ...), also for the durable care of weathered wooden constructions outside as for example terraces, balconies, landing stages, bridges ...

Weather and wood - poisonous protection
Weather and wood with poisonous protection.

- Problems regarding the old and new windows and the coating - with manytechnical explanations.Synthetic resin coating on the weathered window Old windows and new synthetic resin coating after one year.

Glass is not penetratable for IR-radiation / heat radiation Electromagnetic waves and glass
Enlightenment!!! A diagram of Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Claus Meier: Window pane glass is not permeable for the wavelengths of the shortwave UV radiation (< 0.3 µm) and longwave electromagnetic IR radiation (infrared radiant heat > 2.7 µm). So the biggest heat transfer mechanism through windows is never (!) radiation Only the wavelengths of light can penetrate glass. Therefore you can get sunshine in the room and fire protection from fire resistant glass. The light of the fire is visible, the heat of the fire can not penetrate. Glass is opaque to IR-waves. Therefore lenses for IR-cameras must be made not by glass but by IR-permeable materials like zinc selenide or sapphire.

The electromagnetic waves of the light which come in your room through your windows will be absorbed by the inside materials and emitted in the infrared wavelength. Light can heat your room. X-axis: Wavelength and transparency of the window panes. Y-axis: Intensity of the radiation. The heat is transported predominantly in materials by radiant heat (phonons, migration of the electrons). Two window panes filter more free solar energy than one. Double glazed windows will force condensation in the wall. Sealed windows increase the dampness in the room air. This increases the energy consumption for the heating. Therefore modern windows will increase energy consumption and mold attack. Energy conserving must look to traditional building methods of the historic buildings. Look to your poor neighbour's hut and similiar original buildings in the open air house museum. They show intelligence of experienced craftsman instead of worst practise of nowadays modernists. Enlightenment!

Neuenburg castle restoration
The Neuenburg castle in Saxonia-Anhalt.
Planning of the restoration (architecture, construction, civil engineering / technology: Water, waste water, heating, ventilation):
Konrad Fischer and staff employees.
(German information: Neuenburg Castle Museum English information of E. Kane: www.roadstoruins.com/neuenburg.html)

- My english lecture in a RILEM seminar 'Characterisation of old mortars with respect to their repair - Historic Mortars - Characteristics and Tests', University of Paisley, Scotland, May 1999: Characteristics and restoration of the old plaster 'Traditional Craftsmanship in Modern Mortars - Does it Work in Practice?' (English)
Sketches of castles My sketches of the RILEM excursion to Stirling Castle and the historic kilns in Charlestown Fife, to Glasgow and other places. Sketches of castles

Cistercians abbey monastery Waldsassen, front restored in lime technology
Cistercians abbey Waldsassen
The front we did repair with pure hydrated caustic (not hydraulic!!) lime mortar and lime-casein-wash. Cheaper and better than destroying methods based on cement, synthetics or soluble glass / potassium (potash) silicates.

- Decay of concrete and cement - Rusty reinforced concreteRusty corroded and decayed reinforced concrete - example from Bofill's 'Antigone', the socialists experimental suburb in Montpellier, France. Typical situationof synthetical joint fillers after few years of weathering. The disaster with the constructions and building materials of the modern architecture, which destroy themselves. Wrong and correct repair of rusty constructions of reinforced concrete.

- Konrad Fischer playing cello in the Christmas oratory from J.S. Bach The author / Reference - my biography, references to some projects since 1979 (> 400), official reference testimonials. Note: A click on my picture will download a 2,8MBwmv sample of playing me cello in the Christmas Oratory from J. S. Bach, conducted by Marius Popp 2005 in Kronach (the city of Lucas Cranach)

- Building materials - The problems of the modern structural systems. They can damage the old house and its inhabitants. There are alternatives.

Increase of the temperature under different building materials / insulating materials
'The experiment of Lichtenfels': Increase of the temperature under different building materials / insulating materials (4 cm) after 10 minutes of irradiation with a red light lamp. The materials from above: Mineral wool, polystyrene, foamed glass, clay brick, wood fiber, gypsum cardboard, pine wood. x-axis: Time of the irradiation. y-axis: Temperature in °Celsius.

Note: The Rth-values/U-values (= "U") are not common with the changes of the temperature and the practical effect of the thermal insulation. The crazy joke: Enlightenment!!! The experts of R-values define their results without any regard of the time and amount of heating energy in the proof before they start measuring. Heavy materials suck up and store huge amounts of energy. Therefore they can lose much more energy than air filled insulation. Some experts neglect the free daily energy radiation outside the building from the sun and the surroundings in their dark laboratory and soul too. Think about it, then you will detect the reality even if you are no doctor and only a normal stupid guy.

Porous material like modern light bricks, aerated concrete, industrial or ecological thermal insulation are technically very problematic. Mostly they prevent the capillary drainage of the materials by totally or partly lack of capillary activity and with synthetic coatings, what causes severe problems of wetness and moisture storing: The capillary pores of the materials are densed and sealed / 'insealated' by synthetic coatings. The transport of water in materials by capillarity and by diffusion relates 1000 : 1! So if the capillary activity is blocked, the materials will never get out the dampness and moisture. And in the case of front insulation this materials store every night much water in by condensate: The lightweight materials have not any sufficient storing / store capacity for the daily solar radiation and energy.So they are cooling very quickly by radiation change with the icy heaven after sundown. And start to suck condensate from the cooling air outside during the whole night. Many insulating materials are toxified and threaten the health with terrible poisons such as boron salt, fungicide, pesticide, insecticide, algicide. Mineral wool, PUR (Polyurethane), expanded or extruded polystyrene, poly-icynene (open-cell polyurethane) sprayed-in spongy foam, polyester, fibre glass / fiberglass, foamed glass or wood fiber, cementitious foams, perlite insulation, sheep wool, cotton or cellulose wool, hemp fiber or hemp wool, linen fiber, coco fiber, seaweed, sea-grass, light loam, vermiculite - a naturally occurring mineral that may contain asbestos fibres!, wood wool, newsprint recycling, cellulose flakes blown-in and sprayed cellulose are only some typical products for failed thermal insulation which must be wet after more or less time. Enlightenment!!!They give no better thermal insulation than the traditional solid building materials like wood, brick and natural stone. An additional front insulation will increase the heat consumption: by shadowing the wall behind. And all the poisoning and sealing of the insulating materials will not help against humidity problems. This materials store humidity and condensate. That makes the mold fungi like black mold, dry rot, mildew and mites, also lice, ants and beetles, mice and rats very lucky. As soon as the cruel condensate has defeated the synthetic foils, the parasites will come! Besides fiberglass and similar insulation materials can cause severe itching, inflammation and other harms. The clever homeowner should not trust too much in all the computations of the theoretical thermal conduction / conductivity. Consider the sun power by solar radiation. Enlightenment!

Renovation mortar systems according to WTA - a harmful alternative for salty and damp walls

Information to lime, brick, mortar and masonry:
- Mortar from lime and its improvement
- The restoration of plaster and painting on historic fronts - problems and solutions
- The most frequent errors with the use of mortar, plaster and paint of lime
- Renovation mortar systems according to WTA - a harmful and risky alternative for salty and damp walls (see image on the left, where this mortar system failed twice)
- Lime mortar of lime
- Plaster and mortar from lime at the ancient building
- Building materials for walls and masonry in the comparison - with many interesting and rare building material tables - Important information for building in warm, hot, cool and cold, dry and damp regions. Problems of modern building materials for restoration, which age by changing temperatures and dampness very fast and which thereby destroy historical substance. Notice: Cement mortar is not permeable for water, so water is trapped in the walls. Once saturated, the wall begins to erode.

Baroque half-timbered house before the repair . Baroque half timbered house after change, renovation and restoration
Baroque half-timbered framework house before and after repair with traditional and economical technology, planning: Architect and engineer Konrad Fischer and employees

- Careful and tender restoration and preservation - How to repair and restore the old buildings and constructions with traditional, innovative, sensitive, reversible and economical methods. In contrast to modern methods, which find the way to the old house by beautiful gifts of the industry to the staff for planning (professors, restorers, curators, architect, engineers) and damage it after some years. How were the historic buildings constructed, how the modern ones? In former times: Masonry and walls from stone (natural stone, break stone, brick and half-timbered framework). The plaster only with mortar of sand and lime. The coating a paint of lime and of natural oil. Everything to repair well. Today: Terrible brutalities from reinforced concrete, rusty iron, lime sand brick, plastics, porous bricks and insulation of foams and fibers. Everything badly to repair.

- Economy and restoration and Financing - Economic and financial questions concerning the repair of old buildings.

Kloster Reichenstein - Fundraising-Video

- If you need some more consultation: 250 EUR for the detailed answer to 1-3 questions by e-mail, 500 EUR for 4-10 questions, local consultation: 150 EUR for each hour of the consultation and the time of travel. Additional the costs of the travel. I will submit an offer if you want. Payment (Bank Account) in advance with the commissioning, for local consultations 70 %. You know why. Is this too much for saving a lot of money and misfortune during the restoration? You must decide. Please send me some pictures of the problems and the construction of your house with your questions and the voucher of payment, my answers will follow as soon as possible. More details in german language and my e-mail-adress here: Consultation. There are pictures of references too. If you want to book me for a Restoration/Preservation/Conservation Lecture/Seminar (example)- contact me by e-mail or telephone. Examples: Many Questions and Answers FAQ

Naturally I know that you are very cautious by spending your money. Me too! Your alternatives: You get any advice everywhere. You know the forum intelligence in the InterNet. Please try it, I wish you much luck! Two consultants, three solutions, four disasters. Wisdom of the industry behind, experienced craftsmen, super intelligent experts, DO-IT-Yourself, pensioner, curious neighbours, unemployed technicians, academic theoreticians, physicists, beginners, the very clever uncle and aunt. Isn't it?

That was it for today, I wish you much success! Or save all your money, let your house age in dignity and enjoy more holidays and expensive red wines.

Good-bye and come back soon!!!

(Also keep in mind your friends, which don't know these information ...)

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www.biffvernon.freeserve.co.uk/lime.htm - Lime:
'This is another Great Conspiracy.
Houses used to be built with lime mortar.
This has been going on for a couple of thousand years at least.
It works.
Then, in the 20th century, builders stopped using it.
They forgot how to use it, or died.
Young builders never learnt. ...' Read more

www.roadstoruins.com/ <> Pool Pumps
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Questions and Answers

Dear Konrad,
I am a first time home buyer with a 1890 Colonial home. My first project will be to finish the attic into a master bedroom/bath with cathedral ceiling.I've been researching insulation online and found your comments very interesting. Right now my leading option is Icynene spray which is air sealed.What do you recommend? Pine boards with no insulation?

Dear X.,
Regarding the questions of insulation a lot of errors are widely spread. The common: lightweight 'insulation products' can insulate or reduce the transport of heat energy through materials. The truth: they can't. Energy transport is a flux of energy, nearly like water. Who would build dams with porous sponge? No one. So, why should we do this building dams against energy flux and losses? It makes no sense despite all the hoax of Rth-values.
Our ancestors knew to build correct: lightweight tents (with perfect airation and drying) for mobile dwellings, stabile and solid buildings of wood, adobe, brick and stone for longer lasting ones. Why shall we look for other ways? Because the industrial lobbies of poorly built lightweight prefab-houses will enforce our administration and the building branche, to overwhelm the traditional building systems. The chemical industries, badly educated planners and craftsmen are their willing partners. That's the only reason.
Back to your question: Yes, solid pine (also gypsum materials) works quite good as insulation against heat losses. But why? The heat will force the huge water content in the wood to transform into damp. This will induce a cooling effect on the heated surface. The amount of water is bigger in wood than in brick. So the cooling effect of damp out of materials is a little bit higher than otherwise the perfect insulating storing effect of the dry masonry. See the graphs of the "Lichtenfelser Experiment" above, more info you can find here (in German).
Insulating bath and bedrooms has two main problems - keeping the heat inside and transporting the damp outside. The second problem is a bigger one. Your construction must solve this. So no dampproof foils, no hermetic and air tight room construction, enough damp storing surfaces. Beneath, solid wood has a certain weight, your beams must stand this. To make a correct order of the construction layers is worth to think about in every case. It depends from statics, durable airing by the windows, vents, radiant and convective heating etc.
If you have understood the complex, there's always a solution. If you'll need some more help, you can take advantage of my consult for a minimal fee (see below). In this case you can send me some pics of your building construction of the attic, and than we'll look for a good construction.
Best regards

Other English FAQs

Issues and information for your information needs and the search engine optimization for building and housing, regardless of whether old or new homes & houses or the architectural heritage monuments, whether farmhouse and citizens home, castles and ruins, mansion, fortress, palace, cathedral, church, chapel and dome, mosque, temple and synagogue also to the preservation (preserve / conserve) of historical monuments and the monument protection (safeguard): Are they damaged by overpopulation, overcrowded conditions, inadequate services, extensive acid rain, urban air pollution, subsoil water and high humidity, due to age / aging, weather / weathering, erosion, corrosion, frost, snow, ice, inadequate, inappropriate and improper chemical restoration and strenghtening treatments, architectural, craft's, hooligan's or punker's vandalism? Tips and recommendations for the rehabilitation of an old house / older homes / residence / residential buildings and the historic structure or building repair and fix the old building, renovation, refurbishing, rehabilitation structure, house repair, building repairs and the whole building maintenance in and of itself. The role of the memorial monument preservation theory with the practice monument protection and conservation practices are viewed critically. Do you have a wooden house, or stone house, masonry, steel or framework or half timbered house, a parsonage, a monastery or even a cloister abbey? Is your building, which needs or has behalf of a building renovation or building maintenance, a house renovation, the entire building structure modification and reconstruction really totally damaged? Not always does in private property such as houses, commercial real estate, business houses and store buildings house a complete modernization fulfill all needs in a given budget. Even not at an old City Hall, a historic mill, an abandoned train station, the dreamy water mill, or a villa (Art Nouveau villa). And who owes a family home, a multi-family house and a commercial business house or energy-saving building or passive house and is planning a modernization for the old structure maybe even a castle renovation and wants to save money, on this site are many suggestions for him. Even with an upcoming church repair, rehabilitation, a castle renovation and repair the simple methods may be the best ones. Yes, it may be enough with some maintenance with appropriate repair procedures, and it saves money and the nerves. No one needs everytime an overall total renovation of the building substance to renew or to renovate, and the complete renovation is not always necessary. Then suffice here repairing in an economical sense without fulfilling of all norms and building standards and regulations. Contradictory to usual ways only construction and structure repair, always based on intelligence, and humble design! These questions of planning standard and execution or even a norm-contradicting action arose particularly urgent when half-timbered houses or partitions of it has to be renovated or restorated / restored. And if you will buy to owe a summer resort or a noble palace, perhaps you will find it on my luxury real estate sales offer page. The economic issues will be a priority with the cost-effectiveness calculations and cost-benefit analysis in detail. Are you interested in costs and prices, construction costs and financing (mortgage)? Need promotion, grants and subsidies for the funding of your investment? Subsidies are available not only for the construction cost but also for planning costs (fees). How to get them is discussed her. Then it goes on to the service provider as freelance architect, the architectural firm, the architects planning and the question of proper architecture. The other engineers for statics (calculated by the analyst for the Structural design), the House Technology, the performance of building chemistry and building physics, the technical equipment, electrical, water and sewage, gas air conditioning and ventilation systems (vents) and other installations often from special engineering offices, or just the done by the simple craftsman. Sometimes the customer is sufficient happy by only building advisor or supposedly inexpensive Do-It-Yourself. Not anyone who is called building or house inspector or doctor, as a toxic or mold hunter (mildew fungus hunters) has the real knowledge and best advice for your healthy living environment and / or upgrading your perfect dream house in a circumference of your budget. Many information can be found here also to save energy, including energy consultant and his energy consultancy, perhaps also a pseudo-ecological advice and recommendation or consult. "I want to build or rehab" said the house owner, and the rats come out of the holes. Cons given here is the unspeakable and legally mandated dizziness with the energy and energy-pass around the climate-protection legislation. Are you interested in the roof insulation, the benefits and hoax of insulation with normal materials, do you want to reduce costs and cost-effectively and (efficiently) insulation, perhaps also with solid insulation? Do you want - influenced by advertising - to build a passive house or a low-energy house in order allegedly heating costs and energy costs, or after severe structural damage as moistured thermal insulation and rotting of toxic protectors / protected wood components from floor to wall construction and the roof do repair work? Here you'll find news and tips. Similarly, the mold in the home, the mold-infestation and the algues on the facade and its causes and remedies. Is your shack by mold infestation gets moldy, the house facade green algued? Here you can get help. Feng Shui and biological or ecological, historical and natural building materials, and any natural allegedly insulation from corn and grain, seaweed, or maybe even cork, cellulose flakes, cellular glass, are in healthy living on everyone's lips, but this can be an abused trend only. It is not certain whether a poisoned wood protection or the use of algzide, pesticide, insecticide and fungicide can banish all natural friends of the house (house sponge, white sponge, brown pore sponge, green alga, black algae, lichens, wood worm, silver fish, cock roach etc. .) to eternity. Find out about alternative approaches. Detailed backgrounds and ideas against and with the trends, there is the facade renovation of the painter's work and paint work around color, paint and coating, natural stone, plaster work, as masons , the roofer and his roofing work. There are critical comments about the room work (carpentry work), leaks in the water pipes and the heating pipe. find much on building materials: limestone and clay, lime mortar, mud mortar and lime wash, cement and concrete, steel or aerated concrete renovation, the roof and cover, brick (brick masonry, roof tiles and brick, brick pores) and lime sandstone flooring as boards, and linoleum floor, colors like casein paint and alleged "mineral color, synthetic dispersion color (also synthetic, synthetic resin or plastic paint color ) in a wide range of topics, also including facts about humidity and moisture. Significance of the window in the apartment for the sustainable architecture and indoor climate and sick-building-syndromewill damage your health and the health of your children and other relatives and pets. Technical information can be found here regarding cracks, sprinkles and fissures in the masonry and render / plaster, the natural stone restoration, renovation and stone masonry restoration, radiant heating, convection heating and wall heating, also for floor heating and ceiling heating, water, air, and humidity, as well as to heating with wood pellets and chips, photovoltaic and solar energy, to room envelope heating system, to carpentry and tiling. Contributions can also be found by my colleagues like Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Claus Meier, Prof. Ing. Jens Fehrenberg, architect and engineer Paul Bossert, Dr. Dieter Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Schulze, Mathias Bumann etc. So if you have a conservation approach you can spend here much time ;-)

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